Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. Still don’t hear anything about her revival after her retconning… /siiiigggghhh. I miss her.


Cassandra Cain as Batgirl.
Still don’t hear anything about her revival after her retconning… /siiiigggghhh.
I miss her.


Cassandra Cain Has Emotions: Happy ( 1/? )

So I decided to start a little project of sorts — do something productive and maybe educational for the fandom sphere rather than just whining uselessly on my blog.

You know what one of my biggest pet peeves in fandom and in later canon is? This idea that Cassandra doesn’t have emotions. Some blank ninja-assassin that has the emotional range of turnip.

Cass is perhaps one of the most expressive, loving, and explosive personalities in the Bat Family.

So I’m just going to go through the whole gambit of emotions and give you canon panels of Cass proving that — gasp — she has always been a completely round and fully emotional character.


Polar fox - II (Explored, my 97th) by Pewald on Flickr.
Also, my father rented the amazing spider man 2. I haven't seen one. Will that be a problem?

I guess that really depends on how much you know and how much you care. Knowing you, I’d say you’ll be fine.

don’t scare me like that buddy

"You're not so bad, yourself."


Heroes in a half shell.


Heroes in a half shell.

Diana of Themyscira   -   jasric

Wonder by T1mco






there should be a lot more tim drake struggling with tiny dogs in this comic

tim drake

master strategist

lies to batman

defeated by tiny dog named cardigan 

can I just add to this because


this tiny ass dog chased him up a TREE

Robin, legendary terror of the night.

Tim has a long and varied history of talking to and being outdone by animals.


She’s a wonder.


She’s a wonder.


She told me to use ‘Gotham Solutions’

I told her ‘I am an Amazon’


It doesn’t mean I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to let you down, honest, but… but it just doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. You can understand that, can’t you? Look, I can give money to the city - they can hire more cops. Let someone else take the risk, but it’s different now! 

Please! I need it to be different now. I know I made a promise, but I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t count on being happy.

Please! Tell me that it’s okay…

Okay, so in order for me to talk about this scene, I need you to see the pictures and the words to it. I would have just subtitled it, but apparently my copy doesn’t come with that so we’ll just deal.

Yes, I need to talk about this scene. I absolutely do. I feel like, if you ever want to get Bruce Wayne or his issues, you need to at least see this scene in its full glory and digest it for what it is. 

For those who don’t know what this is from, it’s the movie made for the Batman: The Animated Series. It’s called the Mask of the Phantasm. The story is about a new vigilant called the Phantasm is killing crime bosses in Gotham and framing Batman for it. Meanwhile Andrea Beaumont, Bruce’s old love, returns and the movie details Bruce’s relationship with her and how it lead him to becoming Batman (also, I should note Andrea’s voice actress was also Lois’, so awesome).

The scene above comes about twenty minutes into the movie in a flashback. In it, a young, not yet Batman, Bruce goes to his parents grave in a state of conflict, unable to choose between a happy life with his girlfriend Andrea or the promise he made to his parents as a child. What results is Bruce pleading with their spirits to let him be at peace and have a normal life rather than give it up. 

And this is what should always have been Bruce major character conflict: whether he deserves happiness or not. We like to play pretend that Bruce’s real deal is that he’s always between the line that makes him a costumed monster or a hero, but it’s not. We know that Bruce would never give to impulse and kill a man: doing so would throw out the ideals and promise that was instilled in him upon Martha and Thomas’ deaths. Bruce could not and would not do so, but here we are with so many stories that like to think Bruce issue is that he is dark and violent and trying to not be a monster.

It’s not.

Let’s just put it out there now: Bruce has survivor’s guilt. (Among other things, but that is a post I am so not qualified to make)

Why else act like this, sacrifice himself for a promise no one else is making him keep, and pretty much tear himself into painful little pieces? We know that if Martha and Thomas were even somewhat like Bruce makes them out to be, they would never tell their son to self-destruct and become Batman. Here, Bruce is not begging with his parents so much as he is begging to himself and to fate.

I don’t want to let you down, honest, but… but it just doesn’t hurt so bad anymore." is a particular hard line (and I wish you could all hear it because Kevin Conroy is fucking amazing here; this might be his best). Bruce hates himself for going off his own plan because how dare he be happy. Happiness isn’t for men like him. We laugh at scenes like Bruce saying he hasn’t been happy since he was eight years old or when told he’s happy he says ‘What ever it is, I like it’, but the sad part is that Bruce honestly believes the things he says. 

In scenes like this we see Bruce for what he really feels under all the brooding and anger: he’s shaken with guilt over surviving the attack that killed his parents. Deep inside, Bruce believes he should be dead and by living, he has some how failed. This is nothing new with survivors guilt, especially with children; rationally they know they are not at fault, but the trauma makes them believe they are.

That’s the thing right there: Bruce thinks he should have taken the bullet and died. He didn’t, he let Martha and Thomas die, and now he has to bare an undeserving weight to make up for their deaths.

This is why I get really galled by people who say Bruce needs to shut up, move on, and ‘stop whining’ because he fucking can’t. For one: no one has the right to tell someone how long or how they mourn and if you do, you can go fuck yourself. For two: Bruce can’t move on because he doesn’t think he deserves it. He’s mentally still eight years old in his mind, watching his parents blood pool, hating himself for not being the one on the ground. 

I’m not saying Bruce should be excused for his actions, by the way. Bruce’s inner conflict and how he deals with it is his responsibility and suffer like he does makes him no less of a jackass to the people he hurts. Explaining shit does not excuse the harmful behavior he has later on.

What’s really important here is the kind of angst Bruce has here compared to what’s happening to him currently. This is true sorrow; this defeat. Bruce’s pain is apparent and it’s not violence, it’s through his exhaustion. Bruce is in his twenties and he’s already tired of living like this. So he pleads and he bargains and he gets down on his knees praying that he could have this one thing. We feel empathy for a man who truly wanted to throw himself away but finds love and hates himself for it. This is the Bruce that people care about. An broken down man; not the screaming lunatic who tells people they can not possibly understand his pain and then blames them for their own demise (and every time I see Bruce do that in comic canon, I want to pull my hair out because that SHOULDN’T BE BRUCE AT ALL IT REALLY FUCKING SHOULDN’T BUT IT HAS HAPPENED SO MANY TIMES THAT NOW IT IS AND JUST UUUGGHHHHHH).

This is Bruce’s conflict with Andrea, who was his sign to not be Batman, and it should be his issue with his family in the future. Bruce should not have an issue with them because they do not fit to his standards or can not understand him (which, fucking ha!) or believes that they will only weaken him.

Bruce’s issue with his children should be that they are each his new chance at happiness and he believes that he doesn’t deserve that. The same anguish we see in this scene should be the same one that Bruce feels when he hears Dick and Tim laughing or sees Cass pass by or watches Jason from a distance or has Damian in the Bat mobile being his usual self. They’re all the sign he needs to be happy and he thoroughly believes he shouldn’t have that.


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